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Our journey into the world of bespoke ladies fashion began over thirty years ago when MMJ's opened to its first customers. MMJ's - an acronym of our family forenames Margaret, Matthew and Jenny - was destined to become our business name. Matthew and Jenny were still young children when we opened in late 1987, too young to understand their connection with the business name. Now they are all grown up and, along with their partners, have realised their significance and become a core part of the MMJ’s family team. And not forgetting husband Andrew who has been so important in our story - he’s the invisible “A” in MMJ’s!

At MMJ’s our ethos is guided by three principles: timeless style, impeccable quality and classic elegance. In meeting these high standards we go to great lengths to source new collections from some of the fashion world’s most bespoke designer brands.

We delight in delivering the ultimate shopping experience to every one of our customers, whether that’s online through our website store or in person at our shop nestled in the picturesque village of Great Eccleston, Lancashire.

Welcome to MMJ’s
Margaret and her team